You know it is hard to think that it has been four years since that day in late July 2008 that I couldn’t quite catch my breath at the gym after a workout, and I had this “weird squeezing feeling” around the area of my heart.

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Just one little area of plaque had decided not to behave itself in my left anterior descending artery, and a coupla hours and one drug alluding stent later, I had my second chance at life.

And I never had even heard of a myocardial infarction or a coronary thrombosis up until that day! A Myocardial infarction MI or acute myocardial infarction AMI commonly known as a heart attack results from the interruption of blood.…

So, let me answer the question of four years after a heart attack, how do I feel?

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I mean let’s not get too carried away, I could get run over by a bus any day, or get hit by a meteorite, but when it comes to how I feel and what the numbers say I am pretty happy.

I did start off on the normal after a heart attack drugs, which is the statin (lasted 3 months), beta blocker (lasted about 13 months) and the aspirin (last about 18 months) but after they made me feel like something out of a zombie movie I knew there had to be a different way to approach this whole after a heart attack health plan.

It is scary just after the event when everyone tells you what you have to do – I think the scariest thing about it all was it seemed to me to be a ‘boiler plate one size fits all” approach – and if the doctors and cardiologists don’t understand why you are there in the first place how can they tell you what is best for the future?

So this whole journey of constantly drilling down to the cause of what caused it all in the first place has carried my to where I am today, and my journey has introduced me to people and companies/organizations like Warren Matthews and Xtend-Life Natural Products, Al Sears and Primal Force and the PACE exercise program, Dr Stephen Sinatra who is an amazing integrative cardiologist, Dr Dwight Lundell, Dr Caldwell Esselstyn, T Colin Campbell, Isabel de los Rios, Sherry Brescia and the “Great Taste No Pain System” etc, etc, etc.

Some of the highlights and specifics which I have hyperlinked to;

Al Sears and his Accel CoQ10 Ubiquinol – The Ubiquinol form of Co-enyme Q10 is one of the best assistants to heart health and energy that there is.

Xtend-Life Natural Products Heart Health Page – this is a great company and they are very advanced when it comes to effective nutrional through products such as Total Balance, their fish oil range, etc.

The PACE Express exercise program – if there is one program that makes sense when it comes to heart health it is this one program.

I could go on for ever, please just go to my my site URL at and take a look at the left hand menu conveniently departmentalized.

You can also view this video which goes through a heart attack anatomy

So where to from now? My knowledge does not stop, and my quest to carry on learning will not cease. I know one day it will all catch up, I am not immortal, but I would rather that be suddenly at least 40 years from now than slowly watching myself slip into the abyss by getting sicker and sicker every day.

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 After A Heart Attack Four Years   How Do I Feel?


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