Dr Sears PACE Express Program – Is It Worth The Investment?

by Paul on February 6, 2012

A couple of weeks back I received the latest offering that I ordered from Dr Al Sears and his PACE program, which is “PACE Express”.

PACE Express Contents 300x204 Dr Sears PACE Express Program   Is It Worth The Investment?

The PACE Express Program

Before I start, do you know what is annoying? When you look up a product review on the web and it is clear the reviewer has never even seen the product! I ordered this PACE Express Program, and that is the only reason I write now with this review is that I actually got it.

Firstly, I don’t want to call this a weight loss series of DVD’s because they are not, although losing fat is one of the benefits of following this PACE Express Program; and I think it is relevant to distinguish the difference between losing fat, and weight loss. The former is getting rid of what you don’t necessarily need, whilst weight loss can come from muscle, organ weight, water retention, etc, and this important point is in the words of Dr Al Sears himself, and I totally agree.

We get obsessed with losing weight, when we should be looking at losing fat. If one of the benefits of losing fat is losing weight then so be it, not vice-versa.

I ordered the PACE Express package online, and selected the 1 payment process, I think at USD59.85 (including free shipping worldwide)it is very good value, and after I spent over 200.00 of my own local currency on another program, Kettleworx recently, I thought the 59.85 stacked up exceptionally well.

A quick word on Kettleworx also, I am still looking at it and following some of the workouts every once in a while, but I have to say I am 50/50 on its value. I am not a fan of the “Ra-Ra” approach to fitness, nor am I a fan of the “cut and paste” method of creating workout DVD’s. Get the Kettleworx program and see what I mean. icon smile Dr Sears PACE Express Program   Is It Worth The Investment?

To be fair, the time from ordering to getting me here in New Zealand was quite quick, I was kept up to date on when it shipped, and I think off hand it took just over a week to be here in my Post Office Box. So no grumbles here!

The box when it arrived, was, to be honest, quite big, so the excitement level grew quite a lot, and when I got it home I found that the majority of it was “dead packaging” it felt like there was a lot missing, but there wasn’t for some reason they pack it in a great big box, when what has been purchased only takes up the top 20% of it!

So, there was a slight disappointment here – the packaging was a bit over the top, it was professional, and very attractive, but in the end, probably a bit pointless.

The actual program itself is done and presented in a two-fold type folder as per this picture here:
001 Dr Sears PACE Express Program   Is It Worth The Investment?
And when you open it up, this is how it is presented:
002 Dr Sears PACE Express Program   Is It Worth The Investment?
As you can see it has 3 DVD’s on one side, and another 3 DVD’s on the other. There is also a pocket with the “bonus gifts” in there as well.

Please go to my next Post – What is in the Dr Sears PACE Express Program Box?

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