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I decided to start a Blog to support my main site HeartAttackProfessor.com in 2011 to be more up to date with happenings in the world of Heart Health and life After A Heart Attack.

The main site came about in 2009 after my own Heart Attack in July 2008, and you can read all about my Heart Attack at this link here My Heart Attack.

I started the site for one reason only – I refused to lay down and take what was being said as the only answers to carrying on living a full and active life. I didn’t accept that I was ill, and like anything, I believed strongly that Heart Disease can be controlled, stopped in its tracks, and even reversed.

I hope you enjoy the resources and comments on this site as much as I enjoy bringing them to you. icon smile About Me

What can I do for you? It is my hope that you gain the level of understanding about heart health and heart disease that I have, and that is by going to the recommended resources that I post about. By gaining the knowledge is gaining the tools to help your own health outcomes.

At the time of updating this I am coming up to my fourth anniversary of my Heart Attack, and I feel pretty good, although like most things, I have to work at keeping myself healthy.

I certainly don’t want to go back to the day they inserted the stent!


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