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Dr Sinatra's NattoPlus is a product that is synonymous with life – a long and healthy life.



Dr Sinatra's NattoPlusThis is a product that promotes proper blood circulation through a four-pronged approach:


(1) by regulating the production and action of clotting enzymes,


(2) by regulating blood pressure,


(3) by protecting the endothelial lining against anti-oxidant activity on free radicals and thereby lowering bad cholesterol or LDL, and


(4) by maintaining the flexibility of the arteries.


Each one of these interventions could spell the difference between a healthy existence or not, as each one of these functions can directly impact the heart and potentially cause its malfunctions.


To understand the importance of Dr Sinatra's NattoPlus you need to understand the circulatory system and its connection with the heart. Unless blood flows with the right viscosity, right pressure, and the right consistency through the system, the heart would become stressed and potentially malfunction.


The quality of blood also means its tendency to form blood clots, which could easily lodge in the wrong place and cause a heart attack and/or stroke.


Nature has provided plasmin, an important enzyme, that helps the blood from becoming thick and clotting.


However, with age the production of this enzyme becomes erratic, which often results in high blood pressure, blood clots and thickened blood which impairs blood flow. Dr Sinatra's NattoPlus assists in preventing this from happening by introducing Nattokinase.


This compound not only replicates the properties of plasmin, but also enhances its production.


This is the first part of the action of Dr Sinatra's NattoPlus. The second part is its action on the vascular system because the circulatory system consists of TWO components:


(1) the blood that runs through the veins, arteries and capillaries, and


(2) the veins, arteries and capillaries.


Even if the blood consistency is perfect, if the veins arteries and capillaries are not healthy, there is a negative impact on the heart. Hence, Dr Sinatra's NattoPlus also acts on the these “pipes” that carry the blood through the body and prevents their damage from within and outside.


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In addition to the important Nattokinase Dr Sinatra's NattoPlus contains Vitamin C, Arginine, Magnesium, Bioflavonoids and Turmeric. Each one of these nutrients individually and in combination with one another promote the health of your cardio-vascular system.


Should you believe that Dr Sinatra's NattoPlus is one of the best products there is for the health of your circulatory system? Let us look into the background of the person who produced and markets this product – Dr Stephen Sinatra.


This man is a reputed Cardiologist who has not only practiced for 30 long years, but also officiated as Chief of Cardiology for about a decade at the Manchester Memorial Hospital. Dr Sinatra is also a professional who has been recognized as an outstanding pioneer in the field of alternative medicine (heart health) and thereby awarded the Harold Harper Award in 2008. He has also been conferred upon the American Medical Association's Physician Recognition Award three times (in 1979, 1989, 1996).


This is the man who brings to you Dr Sinatra's NattoPlus.


To me, the credentials of Dr Stephen Sinatra are excellent. I would think that a person of his reputation would not risk his name and fame by marketing, promoting or recommending anything that is inferior in quality or has any negative impact on your health. 


In my opinion, Dr Sinatra's NattoPlus is as excellent a product as it can be.


The added stamp of quality is that Dr Sinatra personally tests and tries out each one of his products before their launch in the market. Only if he is 100% sure that the product is of the best quality, and generates the right results, that he permits its launch. Dr Sinatra's NattoPlus has passed this rigorous test, which is why people all over the world enjoys its benefit today.  


To summarize, Dr Sinatra's NattoPlus is an superb product for blood circulation that has spill-over effect over to the entire cardiovascular system. It not only enhances the natural production of the enzyme plasmin, but also promotes the same action through its component Nattokinasse.


At the same time, Dr Sinatra's NattoPlus also acts on the veins, arteries and capillaries, keeping them smooth, pliable, and protected from free radical attack. Unless the vessels through which the blood flows are healthy, there is always the danger of developing high blood pressure, creating plaque, and we know plaque rupture has dire consequences.  


The key ingredient – Nattokinasse – would have been just enough to give you excellent blood flow. However, Dr Sinatra I believe knows that healthy blood flow is not only based on the quality of blood, but also that of its carrying vessel.  Hence, he brought in other vital ingredients that protect and enhance the health of the blood vessels as well. 


Dr Sinatra's NattoPlus combines key nutrients such as Nattokinasse, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Arginine, Turmeric and Bioflavonoids to create an all-rounder product for your blood circulation and heart health.


The result is that you contribute towards living a long and healthy life owing to the fact that you are assisting in helping your circulatory system and heart would function at their optimal best.  


People who have used the Dr Sinatra's NattoPlus cannot stop praising it. The Internet is full of appreciative testimonials and excellent reviews on this product.


Sandra Mikons of Melbourne Australia write to thank Dr Sinatra for giving her mother back her life. After having suffered a massive heart attack, doctors have warned strictly against the precipitation of a second one. Sandra put her mother on Dr Sinatra's NattoPlus and it is now 3 years – and her 75 year old mother is going strong and has no complaints from her heart.  


Then, there is Michael Neilsen, who at 48 had his first brush with death with a mild stroke. Dr Sinatra's NattoPlus changed his life for the better and today he enjoys a regular carefree life. 

In my opinion, given the wonderful reviews and testimonials I have read about this product and especially in the background of an eminent personality such as Dr Stephen Sinatra, Dr Sinatra's NattoPlus is an excellent find. 


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