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Why is Omega Q Plus really vital to your heart health?


Dr Sinatra's Omega Q Plus - Click Here!This is because this provides TWO of the most vital nutrient supplements to ensure that your heart’s health is not compromised.


We all know how important it is to include the right supplements into our diets. For those with heart problems or anticipating heart problems the right supplements can be no less than lifesavers. Omega Q Plus combines the goodness of two major heart-healthy nutrients, i.e. Omega 3 fatty acids, and the indispensable CoQ10, in their natural and purest form.


CoQ10 is arguably one of the most promoted supplements for the heart. According to Dr Stephen Sinatra (as quoted in BodyBuildingForYou.com), “If there is just one thing you do to help maintain your heart’s health, make sure you’re taking CoQ10 daily.”


At the same time, another excellent heart health supplement is Omega 3 (fatty acid). Numerous studies have conclusively shown that Omega 3 fatty acids help lower triglycerides and increase the good cholesterol or the HDL cholesterol. This is the most important health benefit. Additionally, Omega 3 prevents blood from clotting and also help lowering blood pressure. This is how Dr Sinatra thought of Omega Q Plus – which has both these amazing nutrients closely intertwined for your optimal benefit.


Who is Dr Stephen Sinatra? Why should you believe anything that this person promotes?


As a boy Stephen saw his mother in acute distress while she struggled with glaucoma, diabetes and then blindness. He had made up his mind then to become a doctor and help alleviate people’s suffering. He became a cardiologist, a renowned one who prided himself to be able to save lives.


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For 30 years, until 2007 Dr Sinatra worked at Manchester Memorial Hospital, where he had been Chief of Cardiology for 9 years.  This was a culmination of his career that included him working in the post of Director of various departments, i.e. 18 years - Medical Education, 7 years - Echocardiology, 3 years – Cardiac Rehabilitation and 1 year – weight-reducing program. As he rose in reputation and success, he realized that allopathic medicine does not really cure. What it does is fights symptoms, instead of eradicating the actual problem.


Dr Stephen SinatraThis revelation pushed into carrying out research in non-traditional medicine practices and in 1987, he launched the New England Heart Center. In this place he merged conventional and non-conventional treatments for heart and that in turn, gave birth to his own Advanced Bio-Solutions Supplement Line.


If this does not convince you yet that he is force in the field of heart health, the fact that he has been awarded the American Medical Association's Physician Recognition Award three times (in 1979, 1989, 1996) would tell that the medical fraternity think highly of him. In 2008, Dr Sinatra won yet another award – the Harold Harper Award – usually conferred on professionals for outstanding pioneer work in alternative medicine.


Now that we have established Dr Sinatra’s credentials, let us look again at Omega Q Plus, the product that he launched for heart health. What makes this product different and better from others in the market?


Omega Q Plus consists first of all, of high-grade, cardio quality, burp-free (and all those who have had these awful burps will know what a priceless help this is) fish oil – personally tested and guaranteed by Dr Sinatra.


Omega Q Plus also consists of all natural, pure and easily absorbable Vitamin E so your arteries stay soft, pliable and healthy. In addition, it contains the powerhouse of three super nutrients - folic acid and Vitamins B6 and B12 – that enhance your immune system, support healthy arteries and lower your homocysteine levels.


This is not all. The Omega Q Plus also has in it a very special and potent natural nutrient – L-carnitine fumarate – one that promotes healthy heart activity, generates energy and promote muscle cell regeneration. In addition, this product combines fish oil with CoQ10 into a solid sucker punch against most potent risks affecting your heart. It protects you against oxidation effects, keeps your blood pressure regulated, arteries soft and pliable, improves blood flow into periphery, prevents blood clotting, and keeps the heart healthy. 


What do the customers say about Dr Sinatra’s product?


The Internet is full with testimonials of people who have tried this product and loved it. Laura P from Canada wrote to say that she was amazed and delighted at the same with what Omega Q Plus did to her. In just 2 months her heart felt and worked just as new – and she was a heart attack survivor. Now, she says, she is busy recommending this remarkable product to everyone she knows.


You also have Emmet P from Miami, who at 73 was worried about his heart. He was tired all the time and unable to do much throughout the day. Omega Q Plus changed all that. After about one and half months, he said he felt and even looked 20 years younger.


A heart-rending testimonial came from Polly of South Carolina. She said the last time she went to doctor for the 6-monthly health check-up the doctor commended on her health saying that she would probably live until the age of 130!

Is the Omega Q Plus supplement a product I would recommend?


The answer is a definite ‘YES’. I have read and researched a lot on Dr Stephen Sinatra and found that his medical reputation has been impeccable, especially in the field of heart health. This bears a big plus point for me. Secondly, this man has research for long two decades until he rolled out these special products on which he brands them with his name and reputation.


The testimonials are impeccable, the background impeccable, the research unquestionable – all this make this product a great find and total value for money.

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